Stone Ridge (Richardson Green)
Middleton, MA
Stone Ridge is a multi-tenant commercial building with the capacity to house retail, light industrial, warehouse/distribution, R&D, flex, and office space. Richardson Green Inc., a family-run real estate business with commercial office buildings located throughout Massachusetts' North Shore, chose Connolly Brothers to design and build Stone Ridge. The building's design emphasized flexibility so as to suit many tenants with assorted office, manufacturing, and high-bay warehouse requirements.

As Stone Ridge's name suggests, the project involved clearing the site of a significant amount of rock before concrete could be poured and steel could be erected. The finished colonial building features an attractive 35-foot glass atrium and brick façade, antique-style hanging lanterns, heavy power, and energy-efficient lighting, as well as the ability to customize the interior to tenant specifications.

“We have worked with Connolly Brothers before and they were our first choice for this project. Connolly does a great job with design-build projects and are very detail-oriented when it comes to producing drawings and budgets. They are very transparent about all bids and we have complete confidence in them as our construction manager." - Peter and Chris Richardson, co-owners of Richardson Green
Project Details
Square Footage
56,000 SF
Services Provided
Preconstruction, Design & Engineering, Construction Management
Connolly Brothers Inc.
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