Pre Construction
Construction Management
Planning & Design
If you have a rough concept in mind for your construction project, that is the perfect time to talk with us. Having served clients in the region since 1880, experience has taught us that the earlier we become involved with your vision, the better we can ensure that vision is realized—and the more value we can contribute to the final outcome.

Before design or construction takes place, and often before an architect is involved, we discuss your vision to determine whether your project is viable and, if so, the best approach. To better facilitate this part of the preconstruction process, we have provided the Construction Delivery Methods Guide as an aide to understanding the practical implications and benefits associated with each of the most common construction processes.
Pre-construction services include property search, site feasibility assessment, conceptual design development, permitting and land-use analysis, sub-contractor recommendations and bidding, and preliminary estimates. With advance consultation, research, and strategy in the pre-construction phase, Connolly will be able to guard against overages and determine the most efficient workflow for your project. In short, we will help you discover the best path to achieving the vision for your project.
Established in 1880, Connolly has more commercial construction management experience than perhaps any other company in New England. We draw on the lessons we have learned over more than a century in business to deliver the best possible results for your construction project.

In addition to being one of New England's most experienced construction management firms, our design-build approach will save you time and money with Connolly as your single point of contact and responsibility for your project. Our professionals oversee every detail, from estimating, hiring, and supervising subcontractors to hitting critical benchmarks at pre-determined junctures. Our approach to the design-build process can make project administration easier by balancing costs for maximum return and providing you with an objective point of view about construction parameters and budget implications. We take responsibility for all administrative requirements, making your project a success from groundbreaking all the way through to delivery, and we keep you informed every step of the way.

Construction management services include cost estimating, project management and scheduling, construction coordination, contract management, documentation, on-site supervision, technical support, subcontractor management, quality control, site maintenance and safety, inspections and certifications, and project close-out. Each detail is handled with precision, and we refuse to compromise on quality. Our policies and procedures have been perfected over decades and are adhered to by every member of the team. As a result, Connolly can anticipate potential problems, avoid delays, maintain your project schedule, and keep costs aligned with your budget.

With Connolly, your commercial construction project will proceed on the fast track from contract signing to occupancy, as our project managers have key long-term relationships with a vast network of subcontractors, materials vendors, and inspectors. This enables us to engineer the appropriate solutions, systems, and methods required to turn your vision into a successful reality.
With Connolly Brothers, you'll never need to worry as to whether your project's architects, designers, engineers, construction managers, and builders are on the same page. We make sure this is the case so that you can be assured of the superior results that our approach makes possible: single-source responsibility, value engineering, time savings, and quality without compromise.

Many Connolly projects are accomplished on a negotiated contract, fast-track, design-build construction management basis. As an early adopter of the design-build model, we've learned that this approach is unmatched in creating a clear, shared vision between you and all those involved in your project. In addition, rather than falling into time-wasting bidding and redesign processes, our approach eliminates downtime and allows us to provide you with more accurate construction costs sooner rather than later. Throughout, you will enjoy the simplicity of a single point of contact and responsibility for the work: us. The subcontractors we choose to work with and every member of our team knows that they are accountable for a successful project outcome, and we have been at this for long enough to know who will deliver top-quality work on time and every time. As a result, you will avoid common construction headaches while saving time and money.

Our planning and design services include pre-construction services, architecture and engineering, cost estimating, and construction management. In short, working with Connolly means working with cohesion throughout the planning/design and construction process.
From corporate headquarters to any type of commercial space, Connolly is prepared to partner with you to see your project through from inception to occupancy.

The advantages to working with Connolly are many. Perhaps most importantly, we know our region's markets. From feasibility analysis and financing to cost budgeting, design, construction, and marketing your property, there is no substitute for experience. Having served the New England region for more than 140 years, that is what you get when you enlist Connolly.

Whether your project involves designing and building a new commercial space or renovating an existing property, Connolly will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, timeline, and budget. Rather than trying to fit your project into a preexisting mold, we will take time to make sure that everyone involved in your project understands what is expected and provides high-quality work that exceeds those expectations.

Once we connect on a clear, shared vision, you won't need to think twice about it. Over decades of commercial development experience, we have learned exactly who to call on to make sure that your project outcome delivers lasting satisfaction. Our goal is not merely to complete the job, but to do so with such attention to detail that you will be sure to call Connolly for your next commercial development project.