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Collaboration at Every Step
We recognize how important our partners are to the success of our business and our projects. Working collaboratively with design professionals, subcontractors, and suppliers is the key to the ultimate goal of complete client satisfaction. We encourage you to contact us to begin the conversation on opportunities for future success.

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Collaboration at Every Step
Building lasting relationships with architects and engineers is crucial to how we do business at Connolly. As the construction management model has evolved, so too have the ways project teams collaborate to achieve common goals. For the benefit of our clients, partnering with design professionals in a cooperative manner is fundamental to our construction management process.

We believe that an integrated team approach to all projects is the key to meeting our clients' objectives, and we have a long history of working successfully with many design professionals on our extensive portfolio of projects. We are proud of the relationships we have developed, and we welcome the opportunity to stay connected with your firm, and to exploring opportunities with new firms.

If you have not worked with us previously and would like to explore opportunities, please feel free to send us a message on the “Become a Partner" tab to start the conversation.
Skilled subcontractors and trustworthy suppliers are critical partners in our success. We recognize this fact and strive daily to build lasting relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers. It is their expertise, quality workmanship, pride, dependability, and integrity that are key to a construction project that all involved can be proud of.

We truly appreciate our subcontractors' and suppliers' hard work, dedication, and commitment to our projects. We foster a collaborative atmosphere of working together as a team for the common goal of providing our clients with a product that exceeds their expectations.

We also work diligently in conjunction with our subcontractors to provide a safe working environment on every project. The health and wellbeing of all our employees and subcontractors is always a critical priority at Connolly.

As we continue to provide construction services to our valued clients, we look to further develop the relationships we have with our current subcontractors and suppliers and to expand our pool of highly qualified professionals.

If you have not worked with us previously and would like to explore bidding opportunities, please feel free to send us a message on the “Become a Partner" tab to start the conversation.