Analog Devices
Wilmington, MA
Analog Devices is a leading global high-performance analog technology company dedicated to solving the toughest engineering challenges. While a different style of engineering, Connolly Brothers has helped Analog solve several physical space challenges over the years.

Most recently, Connolly provided pre-construction, design coordination, and construction management services to fast-track a 150,000 square-foot Analog facility housing research labs, computer support facilities, and general office space. Earlier, Connolly worked with Analog to design and manage the construction of a Class 1000 clean room on the second floor of an existing office area. The project included procurement and installation of new rooftop chillers, renovations to the gowning area, and construction of the clean room itself (without interrupting ongoing production).

Connolly also worked with Analog Devices on the 125,00 square-foot Ray Stata Technology Center. Delivered within the established budget on a fast-track basis in less than ten months, the Center features labs, computer support facilities, and general office space. On all these projects, Connolly collaborated with architects at Symmes Maini McKee and Associates. That Analog keeps returning with new projects is testament to the quality of Connolly's work.
Project Details
Square Footage
150,000 SF
Services Provided
Pre-Construction, Design Coordination, Construction Management
Symmes Maini McKee and Associates
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