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Stacey Vega joined Connolly Brothers in October of 2022 in the newly-created role of business development manager. Prior to this, she was business development manager for eight years at JM Coull. A Villanova University alum, Stacey lives on the North Shore with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.

What does your work at Connolly entail?

“In a nutshell, my role is about building relationships and increasing market share – looking for opportunities and clients we want to work with, and then developing opportunities to the point that we can bid on a project or submit a proposal to them for future consideration. Over the years, I've done business development in various industries, and there is a synergy with sales in that you need to understand what the market is looking for."

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

“I like to help people. I am happy to share with people things I've learned to give them the encouragement or support that they need. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about what they do. From robotics to AI, I enjoy educating myself. For example, a lot of my biopharma contacts will invite me into their labs and offices so I can see how their operation runs and what they're developing. I think it's important to understand what they do in order to identify the challenges we need to address in construction."

On the biopharma front, you are also chair of the membership committee of the Boston chapter of ISPE. Can you tell us a little bit about that work?

“ISPE is the largest professional association in New England for biopharma and life science professionals. Everyone that serves on a committee is there on a voluntary basis. As someone who has always enjoyed doing volunteer work, it was a huge personal honor for me to assume the role as membership chair in 2019. During that time, I've met a lot of fantastic people while learning more about life sciences and biopharma than I ever would have imagined. We have a wide array of members, from students to young professionals to retirees, so it's a well-rounded membership base and being able to add to that has been very fulfilling."

What drew you to Connolly?

“In addition to the location – I like being back on the North Shore – I enjoy working in an open shop environment with design-build capacity, and I really appreciated the ability to meet with a lot of the team while interviewing for this role. Everyone was so nice, and it's important to find not only a skill-set fit but a culture fit. Connolly is receptive to my ideas and experience, which is the most exciting thing."

What makes you successful in your work?

“My tenacity, patience, and ability to listen – along with my education in sociology and communications – provided me with the framework for going into business development as a career path. Also, when I was starting out, a phenomenal group of women really took me under their wing, and prior to joining Connolly, Andy Coull was an incredibly supportive mentor. My clients have told me that they like working with me because I'm trustworthy and honest, so they are comfortable talking to me about the issues they are facing and know that I genuinely want to help them. In this job, you really get to develop a meaningful rapport with people."

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