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Scott Muller is vice president of Construction Operations at Connolly Brothers, where he has worked in a steadily promoted capacity since 2011. He holds a bachelor's degree in building construction technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology and lives in the Merrimack Valley, where he and his wife have raised their three sons.

What drew you to construction?
“Like many young boys, I was drawn to building things with Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Erector Sets. Away from home and at the beach, I would dig holes and build sandcastles. I always liked working with my hands. There were many times that I would help my father with projects around the house and prior to heading to college, I worked for my father in his small construction company. In high school, I took architectural drafting, AutoCAD, and Wood Shop, which also helped lead me to the construction field."

What are your goals at Connolly Brothers as vice president of Construction Operations?
“Each day, I come in with an agenda and great expectations. I am definitely trying to help Connolly grow. I've been here for 11 years, and I want to foster a team environment between the field and the office. We are only as strong as our weakest player, so my goal is to bring everyone up as much as we can. For me, it's about taking a project from the start and getting involved with the design team and estimating early on, and then doing that hand-off to the construction team and working with them through to the end. It's really important to foster collaborative work amongst the different divisions in order to turn over a solid finished product."

What do you enjoy about your work at Connolly?
“Other than working at my father's construction company as a young man, Connolly is the only family company I've ever worked for, and the amount of time that this family has been building in the region – for 142 years now – is something special. I approach it with a strong work ethic, and in this new role, I hope to facilitate that same feeling in the rest of the team. For all the work in the North Shore and surrounding areas, it's always nice to drive around, or just scroll through a website, and be proud to say, 'Hey, I worked on that project.'"

What do you like to do outside of work?
“I enjoy spending more quality time with family, especially with my wife now that my boys are grown and becoming independent young adults. I also enjoy things like music, good company, and conversation. Any day is a good day if I can see the sun and the ocean, and I love to golf when I can, too. I do like to do projects around the house as well as keeping my yard well-manicured."

You've managed many successful construction projects, from the Design-Build Institute of America award-winning Great Marsh Brewing Co. to, more recently, a major expansion at Vicor. What makes you successful in your role?
“I like to think I'm passionate and dedicated. It's behind me now, but I recently underwent a life-changing experience with cancer surgery followed by six weeks of radiation treatment during the middle of the pandemic. That gave me a different perspective on things, and along with all my family support, my work gave me some additional purpose to keep me motivated and active."