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Odeida Guzman is a senior accountant at Connolly Brothers, where she has worked since 2019, providing excellent general accounting, cost accounting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable services. With more than 25 years of experience, she has previously worked for manufacturing, medical, retail, and technology companies. Guzman received her accounting degree from Dominican University O&M.

What initially drew you to construction?

“As a lifelong learner, I have always been interested in broadening my accounting experience. I have worked in many different areas, but I had not worked in construction prior to Connolly Brothers. In retail, for example, you are talking about inventory, but in construction, it is totally different, and it is not like you are going to a shelf to count everything. It is more dynamic for an accountant in the sense that there is more to think about and more pieces to look at, which is the challenge that I like."

How have you had to adapt during COVID, and what are you looking forward to when the pandemic is over?

“At first, it was difficult because I was working remotely, but there are some things, like printing checks, for example, that I needed to do in the office once per week. During that time, the Connolly Brothers team especially appreciated my work. On a personal level, my husband and I have two sons, and when the pandemic is over, I would like to travel with my family."

What are you particularly proud of in your work?

“Our financial reporting is clear, correct, and up-to-date, which makes everyone feel comfortable. Beyond that, in terms of processes and organization, I am proud to say that my experience is valued, and my ideas, templates, and procedures have been implemented. I think that the level of customer service I provide to Connolly Brothers employees and others has helped in making the company successful."

Construction has tended to attract more men than women. What would you say to women considering the field, or those who might think it is not for them?

“Women need to be in construction, and we need to change our minds as to who we view as doing different jobs. The more diverse voices you have discussing when and how to do things, the better it is for the organization."

What do you most enjoy about your work at Connolly Brothers?

“I love the opportunity to put ideas in place without hitting that wall that stops you from making improvements. At Connolly Brothers, people take time to let you know how you are doing, and when you hear, “You did a good job," I enjoy that, and it also motivates me to do even better. Also, it is just a wonderful environment; everyone is so polite and every day there is a sense of teamwork among all of us. I hope to stay with the company for a long time."

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