New England Academy - North
Beverly, MA
The founders of New England Academy consulted with Connolly Brothers three years prior to Connolly designing and building their school facility. During these years, Connolly provided input on site suitability, specific permitting issues, budgeting, and feasibility for several different locations. Once the most advantageous site was found, Connolly worked with the school's staff to design a facility that suited the needs of the staff and, most importantly, the students. That process produced an environment at New England Academy that is both dynamic and tranquil.

The New England Academy facility offers ample classroom space, a library, science labs, a fitness center, and dance, music, and art studios. The 40,000 square-foot school also features a full-size gymnasium with running track, a soccer field, a student lounge, and a courtyard — all tailored to meet the needs of the school's student population.
Project Details
Square Footage
40,000 SF
Services Provided
Preconstruction, Design & Engineering, Construction Management
Connolly Brothers Inc.
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