Ira Toyota
Danvers, MA
Ira Toyota of Danvers, Mass. is dedicated to customer satisfaction that extends beyond the sales showroom and into all facets of its business, so it called upon Connolly Brothers when it needed significant facility renovations. Using its design-build approach, Connolly provided preconstruction, architectural design and engineering, and construction management services, offering Ira Toyota a single point of contact—and responsibility—for the project. Ira was thus able to achieve top-quality results with ample cost-savings.

The 178,000 square-foot facility was previously a storage building. Connolly's renovations turned it into a multiple-use facility featuring a vehicle service center, an automobile collision repair center, and auto rental facility, a parts storage facility, and a training and call center. The new facilities enabled Ira Toyota's physical spaces to match its reputation for excellence across all aspects of its business.

Project Details
Square Footage
178,000 SF
Services Provided
Preconstruction, Design & Engineering, Construction Management
Connolly Brothers Inc.
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