Ferguson Enterprises
Taunton, MA
In 2024, Connolly Brothers completed build-out of a 234,282 square-foot warehouse project for Ferguson Enterprises, LLC. Located in Taunton, MA, the new 40-foot clear high-bay warehouse required modifications to facilitate installation of specialized equipment such as an extensive floor-to-ceiling racking system designed to manage inventory of over 60,000 Ferguson products. Tilt-up wall modifications were also necessary to accommodate new 24 feet by 14 feet roll-up doors. The scope of the project also included a 5,743 square-foot Ferguson retail store, 30,000 square feet of offices and training space for Ferguson employees, a designated pro pick-up and will-call area, a 24/7 online ordering pick-up area and three exterior loading ramps. This facility will be the first Ferguson shipping hub to service the New England region and was successfully completed on time and on budget.

“I cannot thank you and your team enough for getting us across the finish line on time for this project. Your team has done an amazing job communicating expectations and holding all stakeholders accountable. I am still amazed what your team had to overcome on this project while still maintaining schedule. No matter the issue or problem, we worked together to find a solution rather than pointing fingers for how we ended up here. Truly a 'One Team' effort!"
- Eric Thomas, Ferguson Enterprises, LLC.
Project Details
Square Footage
234,282 SF
Services Provided
Preconstruction, Construction Management
Ware Malcomb
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